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The collection of high quality vinyl records and compact discs is presented in six pages according to kind of music - jazz, pop, composed, and kind of music bearer. The items are from my personal music collection. Many items will be added in the course of 2006 and 2007. The character of the collections is mainly progressive or avant-garde.


cd's and booklets are in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted. Jewel boxes might show usual wear; unless the boxes are special types, such will not be mentioned
Vinyl records are graded approximately. Still sealed is self-explaining, but rare. Near mint is gift-condition. Very good cover will show some wear, VG vinyl might have minor noises (commercial firms would call these VG+ or VG++, is my impression).

Jazz vinyl

Contemporary jazz, many items from the ECM-catalogue.

Jazz cd's

Items from the ECM and hat ART catalogues.

Pop/Rock vinyl

Collectible vinyl records from the sixties and early seventies, Hendrix, Zappa's Mothers of Invention, Grateful Dead, among many others. Reissues in the nineties on high quality vinyl. Regular issues from singer songwriters of the eighties.

Pop/Rock cd's

Items form the catalogues of major pop artists from Bob Dylan to Frank Zappa, from the Byrds to Captain Beefheart.

Composed vinyl

As yet a small listing.

Composed cd's

Among others you will find here a number of items from the hat ART catalogue of experimental music from Cage, Feldman, Wolf and others.

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Google the title of the cd you are looking for, it will bring you to, among others. Or go directly to Amazon is in the habit of not mentioning the items are cd's. Do not look for vinyl on about

Vinyl links

't Platenmanneke (Delft), my favorite, website. Shop: Voldersgracht 11A near City Hall. Tel 015-2145496.

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October, 2006 \ Leiden, the Netherlands

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