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Strategic preparation for achievement testing

Applets 2 and 2a advanced

Ben Wilbrink

For the text on the SPA model see the project.

Applets 2 belong to module 2 the Likelihood.

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    1         1a    Generator         1o. 1oa advanced
    2         2a    Mastery Envelope
    3         3a    Predictor
    4         4a    Ruling
    5         5a    Learning
    6         6a    Expectations        6b. special 6.1a.  advanced
    7         7a    Last Test
    8         8a    Strategy
    9         9a True Utility

applet 2

Module 2 The Mastery Envelope: the Likelihood of it all

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Figure 1 likelihood2.1.1.gif

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Advanced applet 2

This version of your browser does not support Java

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