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Strategic preparation for achievement testing

Applets 3 and 3a advanced

Ben Wilbrink

For the text on the SPA model see the project.
Applets 3 belong to module 3 the Predictor.

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    1         1a    Generator         1o. 1oa advanced
    2         2a    Mastery Envelope
    3         3a    Predictor
    4         4a    Ruling
    5         5a    Learning
    6         6a    Expectations        6b. special 6.1a.  advanced
    7         7a    Last Test
    8         8a    Strategy
    9         9a True Utility

applet 3

Module 3 The Predictor: Place your bets

The applet here is SPA_BeBiApplet.class, a class dedicated to the predictive score distribution only, in its basic form. This applet was finished April 2005. However, the fundamental classes that it makes use of—such as to evaluate the binomial distribution or the likelihood function of mastery—will be more recent or the most recent versions, as described in the text on the particular modules.

Remember that the predictive score distribution is conditional on the likelihood function of mastery, so at least in the simulation the likelihood function will be simulated first, using the givens on number correct on a preliminary test of a certain length —or information value. Nothing in the report on the simulated predictive function and its statistics directly refers to that likelihood, yet it is there, it might have been plotted or printed also but to avoid clutter this kind of information on in-between results of the analysis or simulation will be withheld. In the case of analysis only, it is known that the predictive score distribution is a beta binomial distribution, obviating the need to evaluate the likelihood function of mastery—a beta function—first.

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new menu items

fundamental classes used

Advanced applet 3

The applet here is SPA_a_ProjPredApplet.class, a class dedicated to the predictive score distribution only, in its advanced form. The applet uses the same fundamental classes as other applets do, only the household chores and the menu differ from other applets that might be used to eveluate predictive score distributions. I will make those alternative applets available also, if only to have available some alternative just in case this particular applet might not function properly.

This version of your browser does not support Java

October 2008. Something tricky here. The applet does not seem to agree in its results with the straight 3 applet above. How come? It might have something to do with the learning function/learning episodes.

new menu items

In fact, this is the advanced applet belonging to the Expectations module 6. It contains utility and learning parameters. To use it as the advanced applet for immediate predictions, put the value(s) for the number of episodes at one.

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